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18 w
36 w
5 w
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Water clarifier for fresh- and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds

Helix Max UV sterilisers can eliminate single cell algaes giving crystal clear water in aquariums and ponds. The water is directed in a spiral path around the quartz tube resulting in more efficient use of the UV radiation than in standard units. The inlet and outlet fittings can be rotated through 360° for easy mounting at any angle.

5 watts, 9 watts and 11 watts with a 2 m cable and wall plug transformer for fresh- and saltwater aquariums.
18 watts, 36 watts and 55 watts with a 10 m rubber cable and high frequency electronic ballast, for garden ponds, salt- and freshwater aquariums. The electronic ballasts increase the lifetime and the efficacy of the UV lamps.

Dimensions housing 5 W: ca. 16 x 7,5 cm
Dimensions housing 9 W: ca. 24 x 7,5 cm
Dimensions housing 11 W: ca. 29 x 7,5 cm
Dimensions housing 18 W: ca. 38 x 12 cm
Dimensions housing 36 W: ca. 51 x 12 cm
Dimensions housing 55 W: ca. 65 x 12 cm


Recommended Usage Guide For Saltwater Aquaria:

5w: 25-125l Tank – Flow Rate of 100l/h

9w: 125-250l Tank – Flow Rate of 200l/h

11w: 150-350l Tank – Flow Rate of 300l/h

18w: 250-500l Tank – Flow Rate of 500l/h

36w: 500-1000l Tank – Flow Rate of 1000l/h

55w: Upto 1500l Tank – Flow Rate of 1500l/h




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