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Xepta Reef Infinity Coral Feed 1500ml


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Xepta Reef Infinity is a mixture of specially selected marine microalgae that provides correct nutrition for all corals, especially LPS and SPS corals. Provides high quality phytoproteins as well as fatty acids that are necessary for proper nutrition of all corals. It contains a substance that favors the formation of chromoproteins, which will greatly enhance the coloration of corals. It does not increase nitrates or phosphates, it will favor the reproduction, growth and coloration of all the corals in the aquarium.

Due to an innovative way of extracting phytoprotein and its formulation, Xepta Reef Infinity not only serves for direct feeding of corals, it will also provide the necessary nutrients to the aquarium’s microfauna, favoring trophic chain.

The product is presented in a ready-to-use suspension, which can be added by hand or by means of a metering pump. It does not require refrigeration.

Ingredients: special selection of microalgae, phytoproteins, fish oils, emulsifiers and vitamins ideal for SPS and LPS corals.

  • Protein: 58%
  • Lipids: 15%
  • DHA / EPA: 3
  • Ashes: 8%
  • Fiber: 0.2%

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